What Can You Learn in 60 powerful minutes?

How to Take Advantage and Make the Most of every Opportunity

How to Create New Ideas and Develop them into Profitable Realities

How to Influence and Persuade Others - Be a Strong and Convincing Communicator

How to Effectively Lead and Guide Team Projects or Bolster Group Morale

How to Map and Diagram Your Plans, Concepts, or Processes

How to Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency and Boost Your Profits

How to Leverage and Enhance Your Base of Knowledge

How to Expand Your Horizons and Grow Opportunities

Want to see your desires come alive? Read on to find out how.

How can a 60-minute Conference feed your growth?

You can easily open the floodgates and feed your needs for experience and world-class expertise, energize your business, management and leadership skills and increase the profits of your venture in just 60 minutes.

For under $50, you will boost your results through a unique live, 60-minute, online "Conference-with-the-Masters" Program, where -

    - you'll learn how-to apply successful strategies to your everyday challenges;
    - you will expand your strategic horizons by studying 10+ pages of educational materials;
    - you'll improve your skills and ability through our unique 21-day Performance Enhancers Guide - your post-class follow-up learning support system.

Your Conference includes preparatory booklets and study materials - using these tools, you can quickly understand the principles, patterns, and concepts of the course Subject before you enter the cyber-classroom.

You can attend this online, live session from any convenient location - even your home! Our Guest Presenters usually commit to very flexible schedules for their Conference. Some even make Saturday and early morning and late evening class times available. Don't worry, if your schedule has special needs, we will try to arrange a session that's convenient for you.

Your Conference-with-the-Masters Program empowers you to borrow and profit-by your use of the best practices, methods, processes and techniques for the Subject area. You will discover the easiest ways to turn your new knowledge into powerful, productive actions.

After the class, you will use the Performance Enhancers 21-day "Action Support Guide" to help you apply your new expertise to your daily challenges. You get 21+ days of expert guidance and task support through using this energizing tool.

Your $49.95 goes a long way and brings you new skills, more confidence in your abilities, and increased profits and growth opportunities.

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