Web based Workshops?
in just 90-minutes, learn how to:

Make your opportunities pay-off

Create new ideas that grow into profitable realities

Competently influence and persuade others

Strengthen your written and verbal communication skills

Effectively lead, direct & guide teams or projects

Assess, bolster & sustain group morale

Develop descriptive maps of plans, concepts & processes

Reduce costs, increase efficiency & boost profits

Leverage, energize & enhance your knowledge assets

Expand your career prospects & options

Grow professionally

How will a 90-minute Workshop meet your needs?

You can easily improve the quality and excellence of your expertise, sharpen your key professional skills and increase the value of your knowledge work in 90 energetic power-packed minutes.

For under $80, you will learn new things in a live, web based Workshop, plus, you'll have the option to

    - examine and apply successful strategies to your everyday challenges;
    - expand your horizons by studying informative educational materials;
    - get "hands-on" exposure to new practical methods and proven techniques;
    - practice [perfect] your skills under the supervision of your Instructor;
    - enhance your competence through our unique 21-30 day post-class follow-up learning support system.
Your Workshop also includes preparatory notes and study materials - using these tools, you will quickly understand the principles, patterns, and concepts of the course Subject before you enter the cyber-classroom.

You select the online, live session that is most convenient for you from a very flexible schedule. There are even Saturday and early morning and late evening class times available. Don't worry, if your schedule has special needs, we will run a class that's convenient for you.

Your web based Workshop empowers you to adapt and master the best practices, methods, processes and techniques for the Subject area. You will discover the easiest ways to turn your new knowledge into powerful, productive actions.

After the class, you can use the optional "Action Guide" to help you apply your new expertise to your daily challenges. You get 21-30 days of guidance and support through using this energizing tool.

$80 goes a long way, it brings you new skills, more confidence in your abilities, increases your earnings and expands your career options.
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