Knowledge work skills =
professional, business, organizational, leadership, management and team skills - How Strong Are Yours?

Sales, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, social, problem solving, decision making, communications, negotiation, project & time management, research methods, value analysis & engineering, total quality management, strategic planning, modeling & mapping skills:

  • Discover how you use and energize your knowledge work resources [your resources are people, time, cash, data, process, material, equipment and systems];

  • Learn the most effective methods and techniques to help you Assess, Evaluate, Measure, or Analyze knowledge - are you using the best metrics and tools?

  • Exploit proven strategies and awesome tactics [arrangements of your resources] to resolve your issues and determine the right course of action or policy to guide you;

  • Reveal your hidden opportunities and secrets to improve your creative processes, leadership roles, and professional practices;

  • Explore new ways to map, model, diagram, chart, and clearly demonstrate your knowledge work and its products, behavior or trends to others;

How does Syntopic Intelligence improve your knowledge work skills?

You can use your Program to focus on one or more of these 18 knowledge work skill areas during your 3-month Membership [that's your training and coaching support Program]:

  1. Presentations - creating clear and effective written or oral communications - enables you to make presentations in interactive and highly-dynamic group settings - put your focus on sales and selling, interpersonal and social, or negotiation skills;
  2. Knowledge assessments - covers the planning, control, tabulating and mapping of organizational results or any metrics-based study - learn how to determine then apply the correct knowledge based measures and analysis to your business or knowledge management situation;
  3. Information design - evaluate the principles and learn how to construct structurally-sound representations of data and create knowledge-rich productions;
  4. Qualitative data analysis [QDA] - use proven tools to manage the process of developing and evaluating quality-based, knowledge-capture/building designs, plans, strategies, and implementations;
  5. Planning & Goal-setting - turn your visions & dreams into crystal-clear, tangible realities and measurable results - we call it, "Empowered Envisioning";
  6. Time management - enhance the value and productivity of your time, using time-leadership strategies to maximize the outputs of your pool of resources;
  7. * Consultative approach - improve your work quality, boost the value of your "products" and gain cooperation from your partners and colleagues by employing the masterful techniques of highly successful [and highly paid] consultants;
  8. Quality management/control - apply total quality management [TQM] to your delivery of services & your production of knowledge products;
  9. Creativity/Imagination Engineering - learn how to design excellent solutions and discover superior ways to deal with your problems - see orders of magnitude increases in your creativity and innovation;
  10. Knowledge Management [KM] - examine and understand the fundamental principles of KM, then follow superior guidelines to improve the sharing, cataloging, and fast retrievals of your knowledge;
  11. Mapping/Modeling - how-to quickly and accurately build models of your concepts, ideas, problems, theories, critical thinking, strategies, processes, and systems;
  12. * Knowledge work - exploring and employing best practices in the 7 major areas for knowledge-work - such as, communication, Power and Contribution, leadership and team skills, decision analysis, time & knowledge optimization, ;
  13. * Value engineering - in-depth examinations of and strategies for performing and leading a value analysis campaign, creating value-rich framework solutions, and enhancing the value of your management/delivery/supply 'chains';
  14. Researching - use elegant research methods to develop plans and conduct productive online/offline marketing, business, competitive intelligence gathering [CI], or other crucial data and knowledge collection studies;
  15. Decision making - using proven methods that bring you from problem identification through analysis to problem solving and a successful decision selection;
  16. * Self-directed Learning - create and use your personal learning plan to radically improve your reading and writing skills, increase your professional/business literacy, and enhance the quality of your formal or informal educational experiences;
  17. * Basics of Supervision/Management - you will focus on how to effectively lead, supervise, manage and coach those who use knowledge work skills;
  18. * Managing for Results - for high-level managers and executives, where we focus on key knowledge work skills related principles, strategic planning, issues, policies, tactics, and economics;

* = These Subjects demand a clear focus on the details and in-depth study - so we suggest that you make them the only Subject of an entire 3-month Program.

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