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A New Time For Leadership

By: Judi Singleton

In today's fast changing world the challenges presented for leadership are ever changing. Old methods are constantly changing and new leaders must change with them. These demands for leadership

In today's fast changing world the challenges presented for leadership

are ever changing. Old methods are constantly changing and new leaders

must change with them. These demands for leadership are changing so

fast that there is now a lack of people to fill these positions. In

this ever changing enviroment of global business reform is now

definitely called for in doing business.

If organisations are to succeed in this changing enviroment leaders

must be skilled at using their staffs to their full potential, giving

the customer excellent care, have an ability to forsee and implement

use of technology, and not least the ability to work cross culturally.
What is needed today is leadership that are visionary.

They are first and formost dreamers. They can envision dreams and

inspire others to blossom to their full potential by encouraging them

to dream.

They are able to build global trust and use our diversities to dream

beyond anything that has ever been known to man before this time.

The future CEO will be ask to balance broader social roles that

companies are being ask to play all over the world. They will be asked

to manage a diverse multicultural workforce and not the least of these

talents will the future CEO will be ask to handle the painful ethical

issues that arise out of the intersection of business and technology.

This new leader will use their understanding of trends in a dynamic

environment to craft a sound strategic direction. They will create

movement by motivating key players to overcome the obstacles they

encounter along the way. These obstacles will be many and one of the

biggest will be the CEO's themselves working with a diverse

multicultural enviroment.

As we step into the future all who do global business will have to

possess the ability to build alliances and business partnerships. In

the International markets there is an overriding imperative to form

alliances and partnerships. The new leader will have to be able to

form and negotiate these partnerships. They will be have to be able to

gain lower cost production through scale, and be able to know and

navigate the regulatory enviroment of foreign countries.

Keeping others focused and working as a team in an enviroment that may

be new to the leader as well as the team is especially challenging.

Being the mentor, coach, even communication can be difficult in an

environment where cultural norms, symbols and values are all Also

working where political, regulatory and business landscape can change

quickly and without warning. Keeping up with these changes as well as

motivating others in this kind of enviroment can certainly be


Leader who aspire to business leadership positions, particularly in

globalising companies, must look and assess their talents and

abilities in all the above areas. If they do not possess these

qualities they must ask themselves how they will educate themselves in

these areas. Many of these areas are not something one can obtain

through education perhaps through mentoring, but one thing is solid in

the evaluation of self for the new leadership position is it will take

great sensitivity and the ability to be flexible.
True leaders are born with a attitude of learning from others, learning as they go along, sensitivity, and respect. Their true education comes in experiences. There has always been and will always be a shortage of these kinds of leaders.

About the Author

Judi Singleton is a free lance writer and publishers she publishes ten blogs a week if you would like to join one of her blogs go to

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