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Online training and coaching, educational programs and services for knowledge workers. Web based training courses that improve knowledge work skills. The Launch Pad awaits you if you seek power from the skilled use of Knowledge, you who are Paragons of Knowledge, All aboard!
The time is Now! As you enter into this Launch Pad & wait for the "Paragons of Knowledge" - you realize the Time has come and it is Now!
All aboard!

How Can You Be A More Productive, Resourceful & Effective Knowledge-work Leader or Professional?

Now, You Can Leverage the Secret Wisdom of the "Paragons of Knowledge" to Improve Your Results!

"Whatever hopes you can envision and inspire your mind to believe so that you can receive, you will achieve."

Have you heard of Napoleon Hill? He wrote, "Think and Grow Rich" [Click HERE - Think and Grow Rich - to download your own personal copy of this "success-generating", "must-have", "essential-to-read" book].

Those of you who know Dr. Hill's famous quote must forgive me for taking "poetic license" with it.

Some people are passionate about their money or property, I confess to being driven by an intense desire to see this world of ours fully engaged in the Knowledge Economy because then we can serve your best interests through our educational services, products and tools.

I believe that your welfare, prosperity and success will emerge as a direct result of superior web-based, online and other e-learning or training programs.

If we are able to help you increase your career options, if our efforts foster your growth into stronger leadership positions, and if our programs empower your skills to evolve up to superior levels of competence, then our efforts will have contributed to the fulfillment of that glorious mission.

Why this "Metazine"?

Once upon a time, I struggled with the challenges of knowledge work just like you. I had always believed that success depended upon my hands-on, mechanistic, purely technical understanding of the "job".

Those perceptions radically changed when I got my first promotion to middle management - to be sure, I still needed an appreciation of the basic technological and operational mechanics.

Yet in that job I relied heavily on the so-called "soft skills". It was doing that kind of work which forced me to change the ways I perceived success, and alerted me to the crucial importance of my intellectual, social and spiritual capital.

I had moved from my comfort-zone of physical-based work to that strange realm of the, "knowledge-empowered, resource-dependent, socially-oriented, leadership-focused, results-driven" professional.

You may also find yourself stuck in this "zone" - that place where you must constantly deal with one or more of the following challenges:

  • Renew, re-deploy, or re-invent your knowledge,

  • Discover strategic uses for your knowledge but given little or no authority [or recognition of your leadership] to test, prove or confirm your ideas

  • Expected to perform executive-level responsibilities yet treated like a subordinate by not-so-sharp managers

  • Present, describe or outline your expertise to diverse groups of people who need to understand the full implications of your statements.

If these activities sound like your working environment, then this Metazine will be perfect for you. Each issue titled, "Paragons of Knowledge", is designed to help you energize your abilities, talents and capital assets to the highest plateaus of your potential.

We knowledge workers need to continuously improve our skills, increase our productivity, strengthen our leadership competencies and enhance our creativity.

I encourage you to please use the tools, resources and materials presented here to help you achieve your personal, professional and career growth objectives.

In that spirit of well-wishing, I thank you for investing your time and I pray that you enjoy success in all your endeavors.

With kind regards,
Bill Thomas
Managing Principal
Syntopic Intelligence
The Leadership Toolkit
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P.S. After all that Serious stuff - You deserve a Break!


In this exciting game you have to become the tower builder. Your main responsibility is to build a tower as more balanced and stable as you can. And your main problem is lack of materials. Sometimes provider brings you absolutely useless things. But stability is not only thing you need.



"Knowledge is power. It takes a long time to harness enough power to even talk about it." - Don Juan, speaking in "Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan", by Carlos Castaneda, 1972

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