Educational services such as online training and coaching, "real-life" educational programs, "active" learning, or elearning helps knowledge workers achieve success quickly and at less cost

Educational services just like those found in today's more popular distance, continuing, web based and online training programs, or other Internet and computer-based educational courses must provide knowledge workers with "timely", easily "accessible" and highly "flexible" courses.

Indeed, as observers at the educational services division of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and many notable organizations see it, educational resources and programs should support your career success through "lifelong" learning.

The truly potent and valuable educational programs enhance your learning experience through personal development, they nurture your professional skills [consult our list of 18+ vital knowledge work skills for guidance], and these courses enable you to boost your career options while "adding new [and more powerful and] marketable skill sets" to your "portfolio".

Online training, continuing and distance education, active learning or elearning and other educational services must supply professionals with course materials and class sessions which fit comfortably into their normal work schedule. Eventually, these programs may be able to successfully introduce a reliably high degree of true interactivity into pre-recorded classes.

Educational services providers must design their resources to address the "real-life" situations and "reality-based" challenges that face their students using the following "active learning" concepts: [Join our FREE Syntopic Opportunist Community - Discover how to satisfy your 'real-life' learning needs and exceed your career growth objectives using all of these critical "active learning" concepts:]

  • Questioning and Discussion - via small class/team meetings, Internet-based meeting rooms and discussion forums, chat rooms, and tele-conferencing sessions;

  • Cooperative Learning - via peer-group discussions and project-based interactions, team assignments, an expert- or instructor-led community of practice, polling to determine group or team understanding

  • Role Play and Case Study - using simulations, relevant cases and "real-life" challenges to sharpen the analytical, problem-solving, decision-making or leadership skills of students and teams
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Educational services such as online training and coaching programs, real-life educational programs, active learning, elearning helps knowledge workers achieve success quickly and at less cost can help. Do you want a bigger bonus by the end of this year?
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