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About Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.

Mustard Seed Investments, Inc., is a Christ-centered, Christian-led, Infopreneurial Enterprise specializing in Leadership training, Business & Executive Management consulting, Professional Development, Human Capital appreciation and Knowledge asset building services.

Our Preferred Methods of Business - Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.

We truly appreciate proposals which clearly demonstrate that they are well-conceived, mutually beneficial and well-intentioned.

Your proposition is certain to earn our sincere consideration if you honestly believe you are acting, like we endeavor to do, in good faith, with integrity and an ethical perspective towards our relationship.

Our preferred projects include the development of your human, social, intellectual or production capital assets, such as:

  • Improving your corporate or personal knowledge management, enrichment and empowerment systems,
  • Re-engineering, re-inventing or transforming your organization, your team and yourself,
  • Providing organizational, personal and team leadership skills or executive management education, 
  • Consulting on workflow or expert systems conception, design, implementation and development projects, 
  • Participating in an advisory role in any publishing or software projects associated with the above mentioned activities.

Contact Us

My name is Bill Thomas and I am Managing Principal at Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.

Ever since we started the business way back in 1998 we've always taken pride in the close relationship we have with our customers.

Our easy-to-contact philosophy has worked well for over 7 years now so we have no plans to change.

Below are all our contact details. You can reach us by phone (at no cost to you), by e-mail or by conventional post - whatever is easiest for you.

Toll-free Phone: 1-866-544-9949
Office Phone: 1-719-544-9949

Postal Address:

Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.
c/o Client Support
140 West 29th St., PMB-161
Pueblo, Colorado, USA 81008

"Knowledge is power. It takes a long time to harness enough power to even talk about it." - Don Juan, speaking in "Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan", by Carlos Castaneda, 1972

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