Online training programs, web based seminars and web-based workshops, online training courses - what key elements are needed for successful online learning or elearning experiences?

K. Patricia Cross believes that online training programs and online training courses such as

must transform the online learning or elearning experience into an active learning, "dynamic process in which the connections are constantly changing and the structure [continually] reformatted".

We can also assume that Ms. Cross' premise implies the mechanism of web based or online training programs - the cost-effectiveness and convenience of such programs would significantly enhance the realities of knowledge workers and professionals.

We suggest that online training courses should make multiple connections to: to achieve the dual purposes of discovering relevance and adding value to the learner's knowledge work skills - in a knowledge-dependent economy, the knowledge worker's skills are of crucial importance to an organization's success.

That constantly changing nature demanded of active learning programs or their attendant approaches has been given serious attention by educational service practioners as well as experts in academia and the public sector. You can get a better picture of active learning principles through your study of the following items: We can see how these concepts might apply to well-designed active learning programs for business management or our instruction on organizational skills and our development of professional skills.

Alfred North Whitehead, in, "Aims of Education and other Essays", describes the educational process as, "the acquisition of the art of the utilization of knowledge". He strongly warns us to avoid the training and coaching of knowledge work skills or knowledge workers using methods which encourage, "ideas that are merely received into the mind without being utilized or tested or thrown into fresh combinations". We agree with Lord Whitehead and also suggest that we need "fresh combinations" of knowledge work resources. These resources might include proactive support tools, productivity objectives and deployment strategies.

The online training programs division of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, observes that workers at all levels throughout the US are "taking responsibility for their own professional and economic destiny," they're also heavily "investing in" traditional training courses, elearning and online educational services of all types to help workers in their "continuing education" endeavors: such as leadership skills training & development, business management skills, professional skills or organizational skills improvements via online educational programs and training and coaching programs, "to assure that they will not become 'jobsolete'."

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