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5 Steps To Success In Your Own Profitable Home-based Business
By: Robin Harris

5 Steps To Success In Your Own Profitable Home-based Business
Have you been toying with the idea of starting your own home-based business? Is your entrepreneurial spirit restless and confined inside the restrictions and limitations of a j-o-b? Well, my friend, you could be thinking about it and thinking about and you know what...when 2003 is over, you'll still be thinking about it. I challenge you to offer yourself no more excuses and make the decision that you will not be denied the life of your dreams. Your future is now and what you do or do not do...right now will be the deciding factor.

1. Create a compelling reason to succeed

Change is difficult for human beings unless they have a good reason to change...they won't. When you recognize this human condition you will be motivated to create a reason that ignites the need to change. It is no longer optional but necessary. Many people mistakenly believe money is a strong motivator but it is not. Having more money is rarely going to be the reason that makes you get off your excuses and go the extra mile. You must have a strong desire that drives you from your ordinary existence and makes you do more than you would ordinarily do. This is what is called a COMPELLING REASON. Do you have one?

2. Don't try to do it all on your own

Most successful people have a mentor, a role model, a coach, or someone who helps guide their actions to the desired outcome. The more vested you are in your dreams, the stronger your desire to succeed, the more you will benefit from having a powerful support system. There is no need to struggle and experience frustration and isolation. Taking the long, lonely road will only delay success and sometimes kill your dreams, altogether. Aligning your effort with others who can support and guide you is the most intelligent thing you can do to increase your chances of succeeding.

3. Knowledge is useless unless it is applied

Another how-to book, tape, seminar will prove as useful as the last. By that I mean that 90% of the people who collectively spend billions of dollars acquiring more information never apply most of what they learn. If you are not willing to let the rubber hit the road, you will not, cannot succeed.

4. There are no mistakes only lessons

When you come to terms with the fact that you will have to DO something badly before you can DO it well, you are in the best position to learn your most valuable lessons. Many hesitate and procrastinate because as a culture, we have been brain washed into thinking that making mistakes are bad. The truth is mistakes are only bad when we refuse to learn from them. Having a mentor will reduce the number of mistakes you make and it will greatly accelerate your rate of learning...but when all is said and done, your mistakes will pave the way for your success.

5. Get Off The Bleachers And On The Court

If you are waiting for the perfect moment, when life poses no demands, and there are no will never get started. You must decide once and for all that your future begins with the decisions and actions you take right now. Dreams are very nice to have but you can't touch them, or taste them, and you certainly can't spend them. If you know in your heart that you long to be your own boss, to set your own schedule, and expand your income potential then it's time for you to get off the bleachers and get on the court. After all, you can't win the game if you are not playing.

Human beings have a tendancy to live within very predictable patterns of behavior and that is why you are likely to keep creating a life that closely resembles the one you already have. If you have decided that you want and deserve more, it's time to do something unfamiliar, improbable, and uncomfortable. It's time to find a way to break free and create a vision for your future that is worth living in to.

Robin Harris is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Publisher of, an online training publication for Internet Marketers and Network Marketers, and Robin is also the owner of, a marketing resource center. If you are seriously considering starting a home-based business and would like to be considered for a position with Robin's Leadership Team, you may contact Robin at 877-684-7902 or visit

About the Author

Destiny Decision is the sister site to Designerlife. It is the first stop for those considering starting a home-based business. It is dedicated to helping netpreneurs start profitable home-based network marketing businesses. Work is not just how we earn a living, its an integral and significant part of our lives. We live the DesignerLife - live by design; not by default

"Knowledge is power. It takes a long time to harness enough power to even talk about it." - Don Juan, speaking in "Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan", by Carlos Castaneda, 1972

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