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5 Training Rules To Guarantee The Best From Your Staff
By: Noel Peebles

If theres one thing Ive learnt in business it's this. You can't always do
everything yourself even if it is sometimes quicker and cheaper to do
things yourself.

Unless youre running a one man band, every business needs good, reliable,
well-trained staff. Surprisingly enough, Ive discovered that delegation is one
of the best methods of staff training. In fact, I believe that delegation is a
management skill that is often overlooked.

Although not every staff member will possess leadership qualities, most
people respond well when given some responsibility (however small).
Staff members like to feel that they are important and that they are being

Agreed, allocating responsibilities can have its risks. However, from
experience, I have found that giving responsibility usually brings out
the best in people. They rise to the challenge!

Over the years I have hired a lot of staff and have never had a major
problem. Although, I must admit, I have always placed huge emphasis
on the employment selection process. I believe it is well worth the time
and effort to choose the most suitable employees.

Call me old-fashioned, but I do tend to hire people who take a pride in
their appearance. Among the other things I look for, are signs of integrity
and enthusiasm.

Anyway, assuming that the right people get hired, then the next step is to
thoroughly train them well. I cant stress that enough!

Now, Id like to share with you some basic rules to follow with regards
training, delegation and responsibility. Theyre not based on academic
theories or any scientific research. Quite simply, theyre my rules based
on my own experience running my own successful small businesses.
They work for me!

Rule # 1

For starters, when giving other people tasks to do, clearly explain what is
involved and when completion is required. Check that they have understood,
by asking them what it is you are requiring them to do.

Rule #2

If a staff member is required to do a repetitive task, you may want to
finish your request with -show me. If he or she is unable to do this, it
could be a sign that you have failed to explained the task clearly enough.

Rule #3

I believe that in the beginning, its best to assume that the staff member
knows nothing and to explain things in detail. As time progresses,
you will need to explain things less and less. From experience, Ive
found that in no time staff will be able to do things well, often without
even being asked and without supervision. It will make your job easier
and your staff will get more satisfaction knowing that you are trusting
them to do a good job.

Rule #4

Encourage staff members to bring problems to you. Get them to think
through the problem well enough so they can clearly explain it. Once
explained, they should be encouraged to think of various solutions and
be in a position to recommend the best. They should be encouraged to
think for themselves and see you only when necessary.

Rule #5

If a staff member is not doing their job properly, then you need to look at
your level of training or retraining. If he or she cant be trained then you
may be best to look at replacing them.

With that said; remember that we are individuals and we all have our
own working styles. You cant always expect your employees to be
as dedicated as you are. Everyone can bring different skills to a business.

Noel Peebles. Market Leaders Limited.

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About the Author

Noel Peebles runs his own direct marketing and internet company,
supplying marketing and management solutions for small businesses.

"Knowledge is power. It takes a long time to harness enough power to even talk about it." - Don Juan, speaking in "Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan", by Carlos Castaneda, 1972

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