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Read these "Leisure and Family Pursuits" articles [see the Snippets below for this month's featured articles], study them and learn how to:

  • improve your friendships & joyful moments,
  • sharpen your stress- & anger-management skills
  • enhance your self-directed emotional intelligence progress.

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5 Result-Getting Time Management Tips Steve Brunkhorst
How often have you tried to manage your time in more productive ways, and found the process to be difficult and confusing? Perhaps you simply gave up on the idea. As one friend said, "Time management takes too much time!" These tips will...
5 Things Your Christmas Table Should Not Be Without Catherine Spelling
Christmas dinner probably the most elaborate and complex dinners you will have to prepare all year. Chances are there will be many friends and family members attending so you will want to make sure everything is just right. In order to help you do...
50 Ideas to Get Organized and Enjoy Your Scrapbooking Hobby Maria Gracia
Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby! Besides being relaxing and fun, it also allows you to be creative and to spend quality time with your family and friends. Plus, it results in a storybook of lifelong memories. One very important element...
7 Things You Must Do If You Want To Make That Perfect Camera Shot Robin Shortt
Saturate yourself with your subject and the camera will all but take you by the hand. Margaret Bourke-White These tips should help you relive those moments back where you've said "if only I had a camera." Now you will have it captured on film....

7 Ways to Make More Time for What You Love Mary Beth Lang
This article addresses the needs of moms who are starving for more time for themselves. Here are seven ways to make time in their overflowing schedule for what's really important. Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time,' is like...
8 Deadly Dating Mistakes To Avoid! Marie Clare
Are you dating or in a serious relationship? Did you realize that very often we make the same dating mistakes over and over again? As outlined in my book "the Ultimate Online Dating Handbook" sometimes these mistakes can lead to losing the date of...
9 Simple Tips To Keeping Fit Donald Baligadd
9 Simple Tips To Keeping Fit by Donald Baligad As promised, today's article covers 9 SIMPLE ways to stay on track with your fitness plan. (You do have one, right?) These few tips alone *can* help you stay focused when the going get a little...
10 Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday Beth Tabak
“The stress-free way to enjoy the holidays is to plan, take one step at a time, and have a sense of humor.” Beth Tabak Can you feel the holiday jitters beginning? Suddenly there it is right around the corner. Well relax. Take the time to plan...
10 Stunning Garden Decorations! Linda Gray
While you're enjoying playing games in the garden, give a thought to decorating your outside space. There are lots of fun and interesting things you can do without spending tons of money... 1. Wind-Chimes - There are some beautiful wind chimes...
10 Tips For A Home Spa Splurge Julie Hunt
Here are 10 personal little home spa tips that will make you look and feel like a million bucks! Squeeze in a few extra minutes to your every day self care time and you’ll see how easily these step by step pampering recommendations will turn even...

10 Tips to Make Life More Fun Keith Varnum
Contrary to the opinion of many parents, it`s OK to want to have fun in everything you do in life. It`s not selfish, insensitive or self-centered. Wanting life to be fun is natural, normal and healthy. Every aspect of life goes better with...
10 Tips to Mastering Walt Disney World R. M. Martin
So you're going to Disney World, huh? That's grand. You are going to be blown away by the amazing state-of-the-art attractions, wowed by the themed splendor and be tricked into mercilessly cracking open your pocketbook because this is, after...
10 Top Reasons You Should Learn to Play ‘Chord’ Piano Duane Shinn
There are roughly umpteen zillion reasons why you should learn enough chords to be able to “chord a song” at the piano. By “chord a song”, I mean the ability to play 3 or 4 chords on the piano in some sort of rhythm while you or someone else...

Why are leadership skills so important?
Leadership training programs energize the people-power of organizations. Our fast-paced world demands leaders at all levels. Today's leaders must be visionary, strategic thinkers who are goal-focused, evangelists and adaptive collaborators.
Leadership skills training develops those desirable traits, qualities and talents.

Leadership training and development courses require investments of time, effort and purpose. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Learning leadership skills means making a commitment, managing your personal development and reaching towards significance.

Who "knows" leadership skills are important?
Superstars like Bill Gates, Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, Jack Welch and Oprah Winfrey all believe in the importance of leadership skills training - they know the power of nurturing, developing and empowering their people - you see, training leaders is the secret of their own successes!

Excellent leaders seek ways to maximize, expand-upon and broaden the scope of involvement of their people's bodies, minds, spirits and souls - when you nurture your people and they will nourish your prosperity.

Leadership is an art, it takes an understanding of its purposes to appreciate it.
Leadership is a skill, it takes practice to perfect it.
Leadership is a science, it takes methodical analysis to reveal its truths.
Leadership is a calling, it takes hope, love and faith to do it well.

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