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Welcome to the Prayer Room & Holy Word Study Center

Now you can learn how to pray and study the Holy Word more effectively

Do you want to communicate with our Creator and God in more energetic, effective ways?

Are you in doubt about any of your prayers - do you know what to ask for, do you believe that you will receive the answers you need, when will your petitions be fulfilled, is God listening, is He interested in your problems?

In this corner of the Syntopic Universe you will find ways to turn your sickly or weak faith into powerfully inspired victories. This section reveals the secret principles and techniques of effective prayer.

Take a moment and study the ever-growing list of resource materials linked to this page - you will find many of your questions answered while you make new discoveries about your relationship with the Lord God Almighty. Be well and very much blessed with His abundant grace and His tender mercies in all things through Christ Jesus. Amen.


Mind-map of "How to Pray" effectively
Drawn by our 16-year old son, David
-based on the book by R.A. Torrey
Click HERE to download and save Mind-map - it's in MS Powerpoint - some browsers may need to view this Map online

The Dual Realities of September 11, 2001
This article examines the 'real' motivations lurking behind the perpetrators of all terror-based acts. This article is available for download and release in any other publication.
Click HERE to download and save this Article - it's in MS Word format - some browsers may need to view it online

Want to Enjoy the Treasures of the Holy Word?
This paper and mind-map use Proverbs 2:1-6 to catalog the value and wealth given to us when we understand the knowledge and wisdom of God which are revealed through His Holy Word [the Bible and Scriptures]
Discover the Treasures of the Lord's Holy Word in this mind-map or if you wish to savor a richer flavor, sink your spiritual teeth into this full-text unabridged "PDF" version here
The Many Treasures of God's Holy Word
just download it here [You will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document]

The Stages of Spiritual Growth
This paper describes how the 'born-again' believer progresses from stage-to-stage in their walk after the Lord Christ Jesus. One of the more edifying revealations is that the "fruits" are more important to the Christian's growth than are the operation of spirit-filled "gifts".
This paper is in the "PDF" format and is available for download and release in its entirety in any other web-based or electronic publication.
The Stages of Spiritual Growth & Development
Right-Click HERE and Select "Save Target As..." to download and save this Paper - it's in Adobe Acrobat PDF format - some browsers may wish to read it online

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We look forward to serving your spiritual, inspirational and metaphysical-knowledge needs in the future. We hope and pray that you find this "corner" useful.

Till we meet again, may the Lord God Almighty, keep you and your close ones in His peace - may He bless you abundantly with His gifts of grace and wholeness, healing, and prosperity through Christ Jesus. Amen.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart [your mind, will, and emotions] and He shall direct your paths."
"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want...-- He leads me besides the still waters, He restores my soul [my mind, will, emotions]"
"Seek the Lord and His strength, seek His Face [get in front of the Lord God Almighty through prayer] continually."


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