"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -- Benjamin Franklin

Our Story--Manifesto and Philosophy

You are the "author" of our Story!

You were the "author" of our story before we began to shape and put together our business plans.

Would the evolution of this "Information Age" frustrate or confuse you as you faced new situations and challenges?

We had to respect or somehow account for your dynamic knowledge needs in our grand strategies and objectives.

Our research showed that you would be found at the leading edge of a revolution [or heading towards the storm clouds of dramatic change] and that you might need others at your side to help you with potent support for your efforts.

New Method Dramatically Expands Your Knowledge"

Revolutionary times call for exceptional actions.

Renowned experts in business and other social arenas are saying pretty remarkable things.

Nearly all of them agree and accept the fact that only constantly changing and revitalized practices and concepts can lead us to any kind of successful, or dependable outcomes.

An awesome event happened back in 1992.

We discovered the secrets of a truly outstanding way of working with knowledge.

Since then, we have strived to enhance this elegantly superior system - you can think of it as something that works wonders at meeting the extraordinary challenges and demands of our "Knowledge-based Economy".

As with any other proven technique, we focused on a few outstanding issues.

First, in order to distinguish our system from rivals, we made sure it was matchless and unparalleled in its capabilities.

For instance, should it be a tool that people could learn and work with, should it be a theoretical construct for scientists to discuss and shape to fit their latest exploratory needs, or should it be used as a blueprint for generations of amazing computing applications?

Next, we defined the essential goals of all those who would use the method - in a word, what results should a leading system like this produce for knowledge-workers like you?

We picked the supreme concepts of "value", "quality", "inspiration", and "capacity" to define the categories of your possible outcomes.

One way we help today's knowledge professionals grow is in the critical area called inspiration - we use all types of technology to build your motivational, inspirational and metaphysical strengths.

Our programs always develop your social and spiritual resources. One example of how we do this is found right on this web site -
Click HERE and take a moment to look at and read through our Faith Corner.

To Survive in the "Information Jungle", You Need a Guide

Your "guide" should be willing to GUARANTEE you some sort of tangible benefits or measurable results through using what you learn during their programs.

Your investment in any of our programs is always fully protected by our "100% Return on Your Investment or your money back Guarantee."[Click HERE to see it]

Now, you can use our unique method to achieve legendary results in your knowledge work activities.

Would you like to explore and discover ways to boost your productivity, reduce your costs, improve your opportunities, or strengthen your competencies?

In this virtual space called, "Syntopic Universe", your desire to improve your professional and leadership skills will be transformed into a superb, matchless reality.
[Remember, your success is GUARANTEED!]

You can learn more about how the Syntopic Universe improves your earning potential, increases your career and job options while it enhances your knowledge capital, professional expertise and competence
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Are You Hungry to
Power-boost Your Career?

With your membership in the "Syntopic Universe" --
  • You will interact with your peers through an exclusive series of instructor-led discussions,

  • You will have your own distinctive, personal office facilities and tools [including a private e-mail address]

  • You will experience the intimate yet electrifying quality of your small group classes

  • You will feel the exhilarating power of seeing your progress rise or fall in the goal-progress tracking reports,

  • You will use learning plan guides and many other "Universe" tools to add potency and vitality to your development

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