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The Leadership-Toolkit Collection

How to operate a Productive, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Business or Non-Profit Enterprise!

Read these "Entrepreneur/Business/Non-Profit" articles [see Left-Side Panel for the latest articles], study them and learn how to:

  • improve your management knowledge,
  • sharpen your managerial and supervisory skills
  • enhance your marketing, cost-control & competence-building efforts.

Get Breakthrough Results!
Inspire your group, management team or leaders to think outside of the box
with this brain-brewing, imagination-boosting, creativity-energizing treasure chest of engaging, thought-provoking, proven strategic planning concepts, ideas, principles and techniques.

Strategic Leaders Empower Others!
In order to ensure successful buy-in for their plans, and maximize the involvement of all their associates, leaders need a process for developing plans which generates as many breakthrough ideas as possible.

Use Plans To Energize Your Success!
Effective leaders wisely use these ground-breaking strategic plan creation, plan review and leadership development Manuals to:

  1. Engage employees, volunteers and mission partners as your co-creators, co-conspirators or co-leaders in shaping, implementing or supervising the plan

  2. Encourage and train your associates to develop their innate creativity, communication styles, critical and systems thinking, value engineering, leadership behaviors and attitudes, teamwork and collaboration, mapping and modeling skills and more

  3. Enter into agreements with your stakeholders to hold them accountable for turning the plan into tangible reality, to elicit their commitment to the plan's success, to assure that they too will assume responsibility for their areas of the plan

  4. Expand their commitment to the vision and reinforce its objectives with your people using coaching, mentoring, consultative sessions, progress conferences, focus groups, team reports, performance reviews, reward and recognition ceremonies, etc.

  5. Empower your people to have authority for or take the lead in further defining or refining the strategy, sculpting your vision and mission, and aligning organizational and personal values by:

    • taking process ownership or leadership roles;

    • becoming quality champions or entrepreneurial detectives;

    • creating meeting or event agenda items;

    • participating in goal- or priority-setting;

    • conducting formal consulting or coaching sessions with others

Do you need to pump more energy into your department, team/group, project, marketing campaigns, business expansion plans or organizational growth? [Use our 2-Volume, "Creating Breakthrough Strategic Plans!" Manuals - get yours now:

Create Fail-Proof Plans & Achieve Strategic Alignment!
Develop Breakthrough Plans!

Now go build your competences, expand your growth prospects and increase your bottom-line results!

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"Knowledge is power. It takes a long time to harness enough power to even talk about it." - Don Juan, speaking in "Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan", by Carlos Castaneda, 1972

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