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In what ways can it help you succeed? How does it empower your choices, talents and growth?

Do You "Envision" Success?

* Would you like to improve your image and be recognized as a confident, "can-do" professional?

* Do you need more effective techniques to influence and persuade people? Could a best-in-class, "All-in-One" leadership skills training program or toolkit help you?

* Do you want to add value to business decisions and bring your projects to successful conclusions?

In today's speed-intense, service-oriented economy, your success depends on your skillful use of all four of these resource items:

1) Tons of globally-available raw data and streams of information,

2) Precious Time, Material and People,

3) Past experiences, your "know-how" and your formal or informal education,

4) Your imagination and all the wisdom that is at your fingertips.

Which Way should You Go?

Thought-leaders and numerous others say that only 1 or 2 people out of 100 actually have the competencies or needed skills to succeed in this new Knowledge economy.

These experts agree that knowledge-workers need to be highly skilled in value analysis, communications, creative and innovative thinking, teamwork, leadership qualities, information design and modeling, research and data-mining, as well as knowledge assessment and management.

Need a "Guiding Light"?

This site is your portal, a "point-of-entry" that helps you--

> To discover, examine, evaluate, and understand this changing world,

> To enhance your abilities, desires, and ideas,

> To empower your competencies, performance and creativity

--this Web-site acts as your gateway to where
your "knowledge-capital" can realize the big payoffs.

Seek "Safe Harbor"!

You might work as an artist, technician, specialist, professional, team or project leader, manager, executive or owner or entrepreneur.

Whatever your title, your best advantage lives in your head and heart--that is, your strengths in applying and leveraging your "intellectual" and "social" assets.

Your "human capital" consists of your mental, emotional and spiritual capabilities.
In our Knowledge Economy, this 'capital' rewards you when you use your knowledge to solve problems -

Beware the Rocks!

When you effectively and elegantly create, shape, organize, find, build, or communicate your "know-how" to make a tangible impact on the world.

You must deliver optimal solutions that serve the needs of people and help them achieve their desires.

Yes, it can help to have access to the latest technologies and other 'bells and whistles' stuff. However, the difference between a successful and failed venture depends on your ability to act in a competent, knowing fashion--in a word, you gain more superior wins when you feel-able to-think-do-act like a true knowledge executive.

Sail to "New Worlds"!

In this region of space, called the "
Syntopic Universe", you will unearth resources - like interactive, virtual classrooms; online yet Intranet-based, private office facilities; and a treasure trove of knowledge-rich educational programs.

Every tool and training resource will energize your personal and professional life, and transform your dreams into prosperous, tangible realities.

Discover "Syntopic Universe"

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  • In 45-, 90- or 150-minutes, you can get pretty far with our Special Event courses. Every "event" is jam-packed with the tools, techniques and secrets needed to catapult your performance beyond the ordinary. You get Action Guides, Prep Booklets, or Handbooks and personalized coaching support for any "Event".
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    Take Your Sweet Time!

  • Get on-board this unique "life-long" Leadership Skills Training & Development Program - it's affordable, web-based, downloadable, interactive and gives you 8 full hours of weekly live Instructor-led Chats and Discussion Forums

    Cruise to Growth!

  • You can choose a cost-effective, 3-month program with hours of training, community of practice interactions, private office facilities, and follow-up support materials and coaching. There are 18 knowledge-work subjects that are GUARANTEED to enhance your options and improve your performance.
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    For We Walk by Faith...

  • No dream, or hope, or vision is ever achieved without the element of Faith. "Now Faith is the substance of things hoped-for, the evidence of things that are not seen"- Hebrews 11:1

    In the "Faith-corner", you will find help to carry you through the moments of doubt, along with the little worries and anxieties that every goal-oriented person faces in the quest for growth. You will get strength and build confidence as your faith increases - please feel free to visit the "faith-corner" often.
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    "Paragon of Knowledge"!


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May the God of peace bless all who seek His Kingdom, grace and righteousness! Amen.

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